The Bali Sanur Village Festival 2008

Sekda Bali, Nyoman Yasa representing the governor of Bali, Dewa Beratha, officially opened the Sanur Village Festival (SVF) II of 2007. Hundreds of officials, tourism industry, VIP, local community as well as tourists attended the event held at the Inna Grand Bali Beach Cottage. This 5-day event will run from 15-19 August exhibiting various cultural and art performances, sports and competitions.

“We are really proud of the second SVF II as our effort to preserve the culture and restore Sanur’s image as the main tourism destination in Bali,” adds the SVF II 2007 committee chairman 2007 Ida Bagus Sidharta Putra, Wednesday (15/8). At that time, many tourism industry were present among them Gede Ardika and many other VIPs.
In that opportunity, he mentioned a significant increase in number of visits. Until July 2007 the international visit rate has reached 914,360 tourists. Moreover, the number of domestic visits has also reached 52,390 or approximately 5,821 tourists daily. He claims to have worried about the bird flu outbreak.

He further added that SVF II brings the theme “The New Spirit Of Heritage” meaning that heritage is carried on in a new spirit which has existed and embedded in the Sanur community life. We can not deny that at this time there is a shift in the Sanur community lifestyle. This shift is natural considering globalization. Especially since the last decade, Bali has been opened for tourism.

He was convinced that the local cultural value and concept are maintained despite the mix between local and foreign cultures. Local and foreign cultures can coexist. Culture and tourism industry developing simultaneously can supplement and support each other. SVF can bridge the traditional community life with tourism. We also want to eliminate the existing community jealousy of tourism.

Joop Ave, former minister of culture and tourism gave a speech during the opening ceremony, praising the SVF event. “This proves that many young generation can perform an achievement,” he claims. So far, many have doubted the young generation ability.

The man who has visited Bali more than 8,000 times further adds his worries about the bird flu attack in Bali. According to him, the bird flu endemic is threatening Bali tourism. “This is frightening” he says. He often hears in media worries voiced by tourism industry.

He adds after the many problems encountered, Bali tourism has more challenges ahead. Bird flu should be resolved jointly by the tourism industry. “Worrying will not solve the problem. I advise the industry to meet the governor to eradicate the bird flu,” he says. He also concerns and doubts the survival strength of Balinese culture.

Editor’s Note :
Sanur Village Festival was established by the Yayasan Pembangunan Sanur. In its efforts to rehabilitate the image of Sanur as one of the first tourism destinations in Bali, various creative and fun-filled activities are combined into a five-day long event taking place within the Sanur area. Presenting arts, culture, sporting activities and many more, the Sanur Village Festival is expected to create a foundation for the local community.

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