“Run Toward Peace” On Spectacular Kites and Colosal Dance

For the first time, there will be the most Spectaculer Event in Bali. At Tanah Lot Bali will be held spectaculer event which is representing “Three event on 1 Day full”. This spectaculer event will be held on September 12-14, 2008, where September 12th is the day when Bali Bombing I was happened last year. This moment truly become special day on this year. So many tourist will come to see kites festival both domestic and foreigner. Your satisfaction is guarantee here. And, you will dissapointed if do not watch this spectaculer event. And the three event are:

1. Tanah Lot 10 K “Run Toward Peace”

Tanah Lot 10 K, will be held on September 12, 2008 at 6 AM. With the safety route from Kediri to Tanah Lot Bali, where as long as the route fulfilled by green rice field panorama with the fresh air, very compatible place for Tanah Lot 10 K. This event will followed by more less 10 thousand participants from entire Bali and all province in Indonesia is possible. So that the expected effect is strengthening positive image of Bali society as a obyek and subyek of itself tourism.

2. Tektekan and Okokan Colosal “Dance For Peace”

Okokan and Tektekan Colosal will be the biggest attraction on the opening ceremony after run competition finish. This attraction will showed by 1500 dancer which coming from Tabanan regency. Okokan & Tektekan representing artistry and cultural which most popular specially in Bali and Indonesia generally. Beside Colosal dance show, at the same time there will be held new creation kites festival. Many creation kites will show off in the skies with colosal dance parade.

3. Tanah Lot Kites Festival “Flying For Peace”

Kites festival will be held on three days with unique venue and background. Enjoy the enchantment of unique, fantastic kites flying in the skies of beautiful Tanah Lot.

The type of kite, as follows :

It have the form of fish, as a symbol of property, in which fish is important for our life either for ceremony or daily needed for our meal, and there are abundant in our surrounding either at the sea, river, on the lake even the rice field.

It’s a special kite, with a long tail about 200m and it has a special colour : red, black, white (Tri Datu), in Hindu religions as a symbol of “Benawang Nala/Naga Besuki “ which is mean “ the equilibrium of the universe”.

This kite has form like a carved, as a symbol of positive and negative (good and bad) but they should be needed each other and together making unity forever.

New Creation
It has a special form, which is adjust to the owner to developing their idea, creativity and innovation.

For more information :

Registration : August 9th to September 4th 2008 at Tanah Lot

Office : Parking Area of Tanah Lot Tourism Object Bali

Phone/Fax : +62 361 880361 / 880362

Email : info@tanahlot.net


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