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Panoramic Sunrise Trekking at The Batur Caldera Bali

It’s a good day to back to the Nature. Join a panoramic sunrise trekking to the Batur Caldera!

Bali trekking

Escape from the noise and bustle of the city and take a few hours trekking at Batur caldera. It offers panoramic, religious, and exciting trekking routes. In short time you can explore the adventure and beauty of Mount Batur Caldera, one of the most beautiful caldera in the world. It is easy, safe and rewarding, best hike for beginners. The trek has been designed for those who wish to experience an easy short trek but full of amazing nature view.

The trek would started from Hulundanu Batur Temples on the north edge of Lake Batur. From here you need approximately 1,3 – 2 hours to the destination we call Bubung Gede. The visitors usually spend 1-2 hours on this peak before back down. On the way back you will guided through mini montana forrest go down to the east side of lake Batur near renowned Trunyan village cemetery, then cross the lake with small boat to the starting point at Hulundanu Batur temple.


  • scenic sunrise over the Mountain Rinjani in Lombok

  • great landscape of Lake Batur surrounded by the local villages

  • majestic view of mount Batur, mount Abang, and mount Agung

  • meet and greet the local farmer

  • tasting exclusive coffee luwak, the most expensive coffee in the world

  • one hour relaxing at natural hot spring

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The Magical Trunyan

Hidden in the valley of Batur Caldera, Kintamani-Bali, Trunyan is a small village from the early centuries. Famous as the “Bali Aga” village, a native Balinese people. The village exists long before the Majapahit invasion to Bali, more than 1000 years ago.

What makes Trunyan so special? The corpse! Trunyan people retain an ancient magical funeral method. They are protective to their tradition, and it stays unchanged since centuries ago, when their ancestor decided not to bury their dead. Not like other villages in Bali, when somebody passed away will be buried in the cemetery or if the “good day” permits, they will perform a cremation ritual. The people of Trunyan lay down the corpse on the ground, and only covered by a woven bamboo. As a result, you can see the corpse decomposed by the nature. Magically, the stink is absorbed by the giant tree called “taru menyan” and none of you can smell it.

The people of Trunyan retain the graveyards to maximum ten. When the new corpse arrived, the oldest graveyard will be destroyed and new corpse will change its position. The skull of previous dead then moved and arranged in steps next to the graveyards. During the funeral, the corpse is equipped with daily needs, such us toothbrush, lotion, money, clothes and many more. Some corpses even equipped with radio or TV.

Trunyan is an archeological asset of Bali, the people of Trunyan is very proud of their social culture. The Indonesian well-known archaeologist, James Danandjaja has written the magic of Trunyan into a book, “Kebudayaan Petani Desa Trunyan”.

Trunyan is easily reached by small boat ride from Kedisan village for 40 minutes. For IDR 400,000/boat (accommodate up to 8 people) you can experience the magic of Trunyan and its cemetery.

Bali Visa on Arrival

Bali Visa On Arrival – Steps to Get Your Visa in Bali

Do I need visa to visit Bali/Indonesia? Maybe yes, maybe no. If your country on this bellow list, you are not require visa to enter Bali or other parts of Indonesia.

  1. Brunei Darussalam
  2. Chile
  3. Hongkong Special Administrative Region
  4. Macao Special Administrative Region,
  5. Malaysia
  6. Morocco
  7. Peru
  8. Philippines
  9. Singapore
  10. Thailand
  11. Vietnam

And these countries bellow are eligible for Visa on Arrival to visit Indonesia especially Bali

  1. Algeria
  2. Argentina
  3. Australia
  4. Austria
  5. Bahrain
  6. Belgium
  7. Brazil
  8. Bulgaria
  9. Cambodia
  10. Canada
  11. Cyprus
  12. Czech Republic
  13. Denmark
  14. Egypt
  15. Estonia
  16. Fiji
  17. Finland
  18. France
  19. Germany
  20. Greece
  21. Hungary
  22. Iceland
  23. India
  24. Iran
  25. Ireland
  26. Italy
  27. Japan
  28. Kuwait
  29. Laos
  30. Latvia
  31. Libya
  32. Liechensteia
  33. Lithuania
  34. Luxembourg
  35. Maldives
  36. Malta
  37. Mexico
  38. Monaco
  39. New Zealand
  40. Norway
  41. Oman
  42. Panama
  43. People’s Republic of China
  44. Poland
  45. Portugal
  46. Qatar
  47. Romania
  48. Russia
  49. Saudi Arabia
  50. Slovakia
  51. Slovenia
  52. South Africa
  53. South Korea
  54. Spain
  55. Suriname
  56. Switzerland
  57. Sweden
  58. Taiwan
  59. The Netherlands
  60. Tunisia
  61. United Arab Emirates
  62. United Kingdom
  63. United States of America

Effective from 28th May 2007, the government through Ministerial Decree by the Minister of Law and Human Rights, extended Visa on Arrival (VoA) facilities to another 11 countries, bringing to a total of 63 countries, whose nationals may enter Indonesia by taking Visa on Arrival, reports Bisnis Indonesia. The additional 11 countries are : (1) Algeria, (2) Czechoslovakia, (3) Fiji, (4) Latvia, (5) Libya,(6) Lithuania, (7) Panama. (8) Romania, (9) Slovakia, (10) Slovenia, and (11) Tunisia.

How do I get my visa in Bali? You can get 3 different visas to visit Indonesia:

  • 30-Day Visa On Arrival (VOA). Pay on arrival, get a visa in your passport, get it stamped. Most visitors fall in this category. See the detailed instructions below. This visa cost USD $25, and valid for 30 days.
  • 60-Day Tourist Visa. Available at Indonesian embassies and consulates outside Indonesia. See this link for more information
  • Visa waiver. Show your passport, get stamped, that’s it. Applies only to a few select, mostly ASEAN countries.

How do I get my Visa on Arrival?

  1. Before you land you’ll be given an Arrivals card. Complete this on the airplane.
  2. When you land at the Bali/Denpasar Airport, you will be directed first to buy a Visa on Arrival ticket in the Immigration Hall.
  3. The ticket is sold from booths that have a “Visa on Arrival” sign above them.
  4. You will need to pay for this using either $25 US dollars, or 250,000 Indonesian rupiahs. The exchange rate is poor so its best to pay in dollars. Exact change is preferred as they will give you change in rupiah otherwise, again at a poor exchange rate. Be sure to have money as there are no ATM’s in the customs hall. If you don’t have money, you may be escorted to an ATM, however you may need to wait until the area isn’t busy.
  5. You take the ticket with you to an Immigration official. They will take your Arrivals card, your VOA ticket, and stamp your passport. They will return part of the Arrivals card, it will be stamped with your arrival date, and be marked for a 30-day stay. Do not lose this piece of paper, you need it when you depart

How long does it takes to get my visa on arrival? Can be 30 minutes to 2 hours, depend on the number of the visitors at the time. Average, you have to wait 60 minutes to get your visa on arrival.


Don’t want to wait like this?

Can I make it faster? I don’t want to wait for one hour just to get my VOA.
Exactly, yes. There are some companies offering visa on arrival assistance to help you to get your visa faster. Please visit for more information on how to get your visa without queuing.

Bali at A Glance – Infographic About Bali

Bali is like no other destination in the world. Its rich culture plays out at all levels of life, from the exquisite flower-petal offerings placed everywhere to the processions of joyfully garbed locals, shutting down major roads as they march to one of the myriad temple ceremonies, to the other-worldly traditional music and dance performed island-wide.

Bali at a glance

Exploring The Rice Terrace at Jatiluwih

If you ever heard about ‘subak’, it is the biggest achievement of Balinese culture in agriculture. Balinese put the rice field as part of the daily life system. From ‘subak’ they learn about life, about tolerance, about social responsibility, about unity, about nature

conservation, and about their responsibility in nature and human relationship. Subak is the name of water management (irrigation) system for paddy fields on Bali island, Indonesia. For Balinese, irrigation is not simply providing water for the plant’s roots, but water is used to construct a complex, pulsed artificial ecosystem.[1] Paddy fields in Bali were built around water temples and the allocation of water is made by a priest. Exploring paddy fields in Jatiluwih means to learn, how Balinese live in harmony with nature.


Dolphin Show in Lovina North Bali

Lovina is located in North Bali about 2,5 – 3 hours driving from denpasar, Kuta and airport. The whole stretch of coast here is fringed by quite narrow black sand beaches, which are accessed by a multitude of small lanes which run perpendicular to the east-west coast road. The beaches are generally safe for swimming, and the waters of Bali’s north coast, in direct contrast to the crashing surf of the south, are relatively calm.

Diving, snorkelling and dolphin watching are the main activities, but perhaps above all else, this is an area in which to relax and take in a very slow, traditional pace of life. It can get a little crowded in July and August, but outside that peak season, this is a quiet part of the island.

Our trip started at 3.00 am from the hotel located in Kuta. After driving about 2,5 hours we reach the starting point where our boat driver waiting and get ready for the equipment.

At 06.00 am, our boat is started to go north to the ocean. 4 passenger sitting in an open small boat with two bamboo as its wing on left and right side. Sunrise view with dark mountain background on east welcome the dolphin hunter in the early morning.

Then, my picture will tell you the story, here it is:


Bali White River Rafting at Telaga Waja with Alam Amazing Adventure

Alam Amazing Adventures is very concerned with nature preservation. The money that you spend for using our services will be set aside for donating to the nature preservation. Alam was founded to share the activities in exploring the nature. A part of the company’s profit is donated for environmental preservation.

Alam Amazing Adventures is a professional rafting company in Bali that is ready to assist and accompany you to explore the beautiful panorama and the extreme current of Telaga Waja river, Karangasem. This is completed 16 km distance in around 2.5 hours. Telaga Waja River is the main river used, as it is one of the best rivers in Bali that has various characteristics for white water rafting activity with a grading between 3 and 4.

Besides the extreme water-sport, you can also enjoy the beautiful panorama of the mountains, rice fields, and stone cliffs along the streamline, with the birds’ chirping that fly freely in the nature. In some parts, you will experience the splash from the waterfall. You will no doubt be amazed and satisfied in exploring this beautiful river. Therefore, you also give some contributions in preserving the nature of Telaga Waja river.

Drive to location with full air conditioner transportation, when you get to our location, you will get welcoming drink, face towel and sign the Insurance letter.
Our guide will give you all equipment such as life jacket, helmet, paddle and water proff bag. Instruction and short brief will also given from our professional guide….
There are easy acces only less than 5 minutes walk to get the start point. In one raft will be maximum 4 rafter accompanied by 1 professional rafting guide. Your adventure will take 2.5 hours and around 16 km on the river. During the rafting you will pass some bamboo bridges, waterfall and the last action will jump at Bajing dam are 4 metres high. Just following our rafting guide instruction until in the end of your adventures.
Finish rafting, just walk a few minutes to the shower and changing room facilities. After that, we will take you to our riverside restaurant for your lunch.Buffet lunch will served at our River side Restaurant with Indonesian Food and during lunch time you will see your adventures on photo’s CD.After lunch, we will take you back to your hotel, and you will arrive around 3.30 pm
Please contact us to book with us.
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Bali Bus Rental & Charter

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It is our aim to provide you such a complete range of budget travel in Bali. We know, not all of you want to relax at the hotel all day. Some of you want to go out for sightseeing, shopping and experiencing the Balinese way of life.

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Kiss Me Ketut

Have you seen this video?

He is getting more and more famous here in Bali. You can find t-shirt with “Kiss Me Ketut” all over Kuta and Legian


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