The Value of Local Knowledge

If you’re visiting a tourist hotspot for the first time and you feel as though every single driver who approaches you to offer you a ride around town simply wants to drive you to the most expensive places possible to make a load of money (because they’re clearly in cahoots with local business owners), then you’re not alone This is common, because there are some drivers out there who are like that.

However, for every driver like this, there’s another driver, like the ones who frequent this site, who love where they live and want to see the real businesses – the family-run hotels and restaurants, the honestly-priced boating trips – thrive, because they go there themselves and want to see them still there in ten years.

So whether you just want a great hotel where you can crash for the night, relax with some Foxy Bingo and not worry about the bill in the morning, or you’re keen on getting a quick tour of the local area before heading out on foot to explore, a local driver who knows his stuff will really help you out.

It’s certainly better than going it alone – some foreign places can be really confusing, and if you don’t know the language very well (if at all), it can be a nightmare, as taxi drivers at airports are slightly more likely to speak your language and be able to guide you to the right places.

So next time you’re in a new area, phone ahead to your your hotel (if you can) and ask them what local taxi firms they recommend, provided you’re staying with at well-reviewed hotel wherein the reviewers state that they’re not just in it for the cash. Alternatively, get in touch with the local community and ask them directly via the web. Good luck on your travels.

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