“Run Toward Peace” On Spectacular Kites and Colosal Dance

For the first time, there will be the most Spectaculer Event in Bali. At Tanah Lot Bali will be held spectaculer event which is representing “Three event on 1 Day full”. This spectaculer event will be held on September 12-14, 2008, where September 12th is the day when Bali Bombing I was happened last year. This moment truly become special day on this year. So many tourist will come to see kites festival both domestic and foreigner. Your satisfaction is guarantee here. And, you will dissapointed if do not watch this spectaculer event. And the three event are:

1. Tanah Lot 10 K “Run Toward Peace”

Tanah Lot 10 K, will be held on September 12, 2008 at 6 AM. With the safety route from Kediri to Tanah Lot Bali, where as long as the route fulfilled by green rice field panorama with the fresh air, very compatible place for Tanah Lot 10 K. This event will followed by more less 10 thousand participants from entire Bali and all province in Indonesia is possible. So that the expected effect is strengthening positive image of Bali society as a obyek and subyek of itself tourism.

2. Tektekan and Okokan Colosal “Dance For Peace”

Okokan and Tektekan Colosal will be the biggest attraction on the opening ceremony after run competition finish. This attraction will showed by 1500 dancer which coming from Tabanan regency. Okokan & Tektekan representing artistry and cultural which most popular specially in Bali and Indonesia generally. Beside Colosal dance show, at the same time there will be held new creation kites festival. Many creation kites will show off in the skies with colosal dance parade.

3. Tanah Lot Kites Festival “Flying For Peace”

Kites festival will be held on three days with unique venue and background. Enjoy the enchantment of unique, fantastic kites flying in the skies of beautiful Tanah Lot.

The type of kite, as follows :

It have the form of fish, as a symbol of property, in which fish is important for our life either for ceremony or daily needed for our meal, and there are abundant in our surrounding either at the sea, river, on the lake even the rice field.

It’s a special kite, with a long tail about 200m and it has a special colour : red, black, white (Tri Datu), in Hindu religions as a symbol of “Benawang Nala/Naga Besuki “ which is mean “ the equilibrium of the universe”.

This kite has form like a carved, as a symbol of positive and negative (good and bad) but they should be needed each other and together making unity forever.

New Creation
It has a special form, which is adjust to the owner to developing their idea, creativity and innovation.

For more information :

Registration : August 9th to September 4th 2008 at Tanah Lot

Office : Parking Area of Tanah Lot Tourism Object Bali

Phone/Fax : +62 361 880361 / 880362

Email : info@tanahlot.net


Bali 10K, Run for Unity

Colossal Bali 10K (ten kilometer) road race performed in connection with the commemmorate of the 50th anniversary Province of Bali on August 14th 2008 and Sight seeing Denpasar 2008, to foster strong cooperation and friendship among the world of community, to developed a sport consciousness spirit in obntain of an expert Indonesian athletes, and supporting tourism event especially ‘Sport on Tourism’ as a tourist attraction. This event organized by Bali Provincial Government Office, in cooperation with PASI Bali, Denpasar City Government Office, with the theme of ‘RUN FOR UNIY’, involved throughout Bali, Indonesia event all over the world. The participants expected in this event divided into : International Male & Female Elite Top Atheletes category, National Male & Female Top Atheletes category, General Public category (college students, employees, Indonesian Armed Forces, and the Indonesian Police).
Day/date : Sunday, 10th of August 2007
Time : 05.30 am
Start/finish : the Monument of Perjuangan Rakyat Bali, Renon – Denpasar
Further information :
Bali TourismGovernment Office
Jl. S Parman, Niti Mandala Renon – Denpasar
Phone (0361) 235200, 7806200

The Bali Sanur Village Festival 2008

Sekda Bali, Nyoman Yasa representing the governor of Bali, Dewa Beratha, officially opened the Sanur Village Festival (SVF) II of 2007. Hundreds of officials, tourism industry, VIP, local community as well as tourists attended the event held at the Inna Grand Bali Beach Cottage. This 5-day event will run from 15-19 August exhibiting various cultural and art performances, sports and competitions.

“We are really proud of the second SVF II as our effort to preserve the culture and restore Sanur’s image as the main tourism destination in Bali,” adds the SVF II 2007 committee chairman 2007 Ida Bagus Sidharta Putra, Wednesday (15/8). At that time, many tourism industry were present among them Gede Ardika and many other VIPs.
In that opportunity, he mentioned a significant increase in number of visits. Until July 2007 the international visit rate has reached 914,360 tourists. Moreover, the number of domestic visits has also reached 52,390 or approximately 5,821 tourists daily. He claims to have worried about the bird flu outbreak.

He further added that SVF II brings the theme “The New Spirit Of Heritage” meaning that heritage is carried on in a new spirit which has existed and embedded in the Sanur community life. We can not deny that at this time there is a shift in the Sanur community lifestyle. This shift is natural considering globalization. Especially since the last decade, Bali has been opened for tourism.

He was convinced that the local cultural value and concept are maintained despite the mix between local and foreign cultures. Local and foreign cultures can coexist. Culture and tourism industry developing simultaneously can supplement and support each other. SVF can bridge the traditional community life with tourism. We also want to eliminate the existing community jealousy of tourism.

Joop Ave, former minister of culture and tourism gave a speech during the opening ceremony, praising the SVF event. “This proves that many young generation can perform an achievement,” he claims. So far, many have doubted the young generation ability.

The man who has visited Bali more than 8,000 times further adds his worries about the bird flu attack in Bali. According to him, the bird flu endemic is threatening Bali tourism. “This is frightening” he says. He often hears in media worries voiced by tourism industry.

He adds after the many problems encountered, Bali tourism has more challenges ahead. Bird flu should be resolved jointly by the tourism industry. “Worrying will not solve the problem. I advise the industry to meet the governor to eradicate the bird flu,” he says. He also concerns and doubts the survival strength of Balinese culture.

Editor’s Note :
Sanur Village Festival was established by the Yayasan Pembangunan Sanur. In its efforts to rehabilitate the image of Sanur as one of the first tourism destinations in Bali, various creative and fun-filled activities are combined into a five-day long event taking place within the Sanur area. Presenting arts, culture, sporting activities and many more, the Sanur Village Festival is expected to create a foundation for the local community.

For more information please contact:
Media Center Sanur Village Festival2007
Villa Dampati
Jl. Segara
Tel : +62.361. 743.5955
Email : info@travelworks-bali.com

Fantastic Scenery and Fresh Air in Kintamani

(Toya Bungkah and Batur Vulcano)

Kintamani is located in Bangli Regency  | . This place has a very fresh air and sometimes there is being cold and misty. It is really has a truly beautiful scenery. It is about 77 kilometers from Kuta. Kintamani has 2 most popular tourist objects.

Toya Bungkah.

It is Spot of Hot spring water that people believe can cure some diseases. The temperature is about 15-25 degree Celsius. This Hot Spring Water is surrounded by ancient villages such as Kedisan, Buahan, Trunyan and Soongan.

Toya Bungkah already known by anthropologists in year 1930, then in year 1976, Toya Bungkah promoted again by The International Association for Art and The Future which is coordinated by Prof.DR. S. Takdir Alisyahbana.

Then nowadays, Toya Bungkah becomes very famous and the promotion has been success.

Batur Volcano

This volcano is still active. You can see a spectacular view from above. When you come to this place you may pay for some charge to enter both of these places, Toya Bungkah and Batur Vulcano. But it is quiet cheap, only 7.500 rupiahs when I came there. And there also a museum called, Batur Vulcano Museum. In some restaurants provide some information about the volcano, the time when it was erupted and other information about it.

In this spot you also can buy some Balinese gift for your family and friends, u can also bargain here for a reasonable price.

You can see the view during your lunch time; there are a lot of restaurants, so you do not have to worry about food. All food taste very delicious, really great. That is why I recommended you to try it!

The Miracle of Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot is one of the most famous temples in Bali. The picturesque location makes it a popular tourist spot.

It is located in Tabanan Regency at Beraban village, Kediri. It is about 30 kilometers from Denpasar. You can go there by motor bicycle or car. Or if u stay at the Tabanan city, you can only ride your bicycle in your relax time. It is quiet closed only about 13 kilometers from Tabanan city.

If there was a high tide, the temple seems like float above the sea. Tanah Lot has known as tourism object in Bali which is famous of it is beautiful sunset.

There are two temples, one is stand on a big stone and the other one is stand on the bank.

Tanah Lot temple is a part of Sad Kahyangan Temples, that is some temples that becoming joints of Bali islands. Tanah Lot is a sea temple, is a spot for pray to the gods that protect the sea.

According to the legend, this temple built by Dang Hyang Nirartha in 15 centuries. Then his shawl turns into a sea snake that protects the temple. Nowadays this snake still exists and this Holy sea snake has a flat tail. The snake colored black and yellow. It is has a very strong poison, even 3 times stronger than poison of the Cobra.

But do not worry this Holy snake is tame, there is a man beside the snake that will help you if you want to touch this holy snake. While you touch you can also praying and wish for something you. Hopefully your wish will come true.

You can also pray and get the holy spring water there, that comes up from the ground under the temple that stand on the big stone.

Many tourists said that Tanah Lot Temple is a miracle. How can we imagine two temples are standing on unbelievable spot and how the holy spring water comes up above the ground under the temple that stand on the big stone.

So if you come to Bali, you have to go there to watch very closely what the God has created, this is a miracle, I believe in that. Do you?

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